We make information accessible

Inspired Services design and produce EasyRead documents with people with learning difficulties.

About Us

Inspired Services is the largest supplier of EasyRead in the UK and most probably the world.
The last 22 years has seen well over 4,000 documents produced.

We are an inclusive employer, Inspired was set up with people with learning disabilities to empower people worldwide and also to give people with learning difficulties paid work on making information EasyRead.

Some of the people we work with

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Our Services


People have a right to information in the best way for them and an EasyRead version presents information in a clear, jargon-free way.


We can translate any document into almost any language format. Our translations are carefully checked to ensure consistency of meaning.


We can transcribe your document into Braille and are able to modify tables, charts and forms so they can be understood by the Braille reader.

Large Print

We will reformat your document into a plain text, clear, large print PDF document suitable for people with a visual impairment.

Design and Print

We can take you from a professional design service for your document, through to printing at any size at very competitive prices.

Inspired Pics

Our complete collection of EasyRead photographs and clip art is available to purchase for you to use to create your own accessible documents.