Nothing About Us Without Us

Inspired services is the largest supplier of EasyRead in the UK and most probably the world. The last 22 years has seen well over 4,000 documents produced.

We are an inclusive employer, Inspired was set up to empower people with learning disabilities worldwide and also give some people with learning disabilities paid work making EasyRead information.We supply EasyRead documents to everyone from the UN and WHO, the UK parliament and government, non-government bodies, local authorities, commercial organisations, banks, international advocacy groups and many others.

We do the EasyRead for other major translation companies including Williams Lea (TSO), The Big Word, K-International and Capita. We have won national and international awards for our work. We started whilst supporting people with learning disabilities to make a new Government policy for services, Valuing People, although we had individually been doing EasyRead work since the 90s. The results from Valuing People were spectacular, with true involvement that changed a strategy into a White Paper, and had EasyRead government documents published alongside the complicated. It was inspiring to see people hold up their EasyRead copy and ask about their rights to get a job or home.

This work brought about our role in setting up and supporting the National Forum, a group with regional and local members that commented on policy progress to Ministers. With our EasyRead information, they influenced and changed laws.

Our EasyRead information has had a huge impact, with many people gaining informed power and control and being listened to for the very first time. The EasyRead Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has been translated into many different languages across the world after Inspired made the artwork package freely available to all who wanted to use it. We now work with the UN’s special rapporteur with her reports on checking how well countries disability services meet the Convention.