Terms and Conditions

We (Inspired Services Publishing Limited) have tried to make these terms and conditions as simple and short as possible to enable people to easily understand what is and is not allowed when using our web site www.inspiredservices.org.uk

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions you should not use this website. We may change these terms at any time and your use of the website is on condition you accept them as they are at the time.

Whilst we take all reasonable precautions to ensure our website and downloads are safe and secure, due to the nature of the internet, we are not responsible for any harmful or malicious programs or files that may have infiltrated any part of it and which you download. You are strongly advised to run up to date virus software to counter any such threat, no matter how unlikely.

Who owns the pictures?

All pictures (both clipart and photos) are and remain the property of Inspired Services. You, as a purchaser, have the right to use the photographs purchased according to the terms of use below.

What you are not allowed to do

You are not allowed to:

• Download, copy, sub-license, give away, retransmit or share in any other way any picture or other content of this website except in line with the terms of a purchase.

• Use any way of extracting or copying material that has not been purchased.

• Change or manipulate pictures in any way.

• Use the website or its content in any way other than that intended.

• Use any pictures for anything that is illegal, pornographic or otherwise represents the people portrayed in a derogatory or disreputable way.

• Use the pictures in any other way than that granted by the terms of use below.

• Use any picture in any logo or company mark.

 Use any picture on an item for sale, either physical or electronic.

Terms of use of pictures

You may only use the purchased pictures collections:

• For your own use, which includes your company if bought on their behalf.

• For non-commercial, personal or educational purposes.

• If a credit is included in the document in line with how to credit our pictures.

• If you accept Inspired Services takes no responsibility for the fitness of pictures for your purpose.

• If you assume full responsibility for use of the pictures on this website and agree that Inspired Services and any of its directors and employees or licensees are not liable for any claim or loss involved in the use of this website’s products.

• If you agree to indemnify Inspired Services against any claim or liability arising out of, or in connection with, any breach by you, your company or anyone else who has obtained through you a copy of any picture, any of these Terms and Conditions.

• If you agree to contact us immediately and directly seeking clarification of any questions or points arising from any of the material displayed on this site.

Examples of allowed use include:

• Brochures, posters or other information about your company or service (not for resale).

• Adverts, physical and electronic.

• Film or video products (not for resale).

• Printed material such as newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books.

• Electronic material such as blogs, e-newsletters.

• Any other use as agreed in writing by Inspired Services before production.

• If in doubt as to a particular use please contact us for clarification.

Ending this agreement

This agreement can be ended at any time if you fail to follow, or Inspired Services believes you have failed to follow, any of the terms and conditions above. Upon an agreement ending, you must immediately cease to use any product and destroy any product that incorporates the pictures in any way, either physical or electronic.

Otherwise, this agreement lasts as long as you are using or have in your possession any pictures or material, either physical or electronic, that incorporates such pictures in your possession and is used in accordance with these terms and conditions.